We attended the Lipidomics Forum 2023 conference

From 27 to 30 August 2023, a meeting of experts in the field of lipidomics analysis took place in Vienna. At the 8th Lipidomics Forum, Lipidica, a.s. presented the new LDPC test and the results of our ongoing work in the form of a poster presentation.

The Lipidomics Forum conference was organised by the International Lipidomics Society and keynote speakers included important figures in lipidomics research such as Frances Platt, Giovanni D’Angelo, Maria Fedorova, Valerie O’Donnell, Peter Meikle, Christoph Thiele, Zoltan Takats, Juliana Ivanisevic, and Andrei Shevchenko.

In a poster presentation, Lipidica’s representative, analytical chemist Mária Kanásová presented the successful transfer of the methodology from the university to a commercial laboratory, as well as a study on the choice of matrix for analysis (serum or plasma) and pilot results of the analysis of at-risk individuals, which showed excellent results. A preliminary design of a clinical performance study and a timeline of activities for the introduction of the LDPC test into clinical practice were also presented.